Los mejores bares del mundo

Os dejo una interesante clasificación de bares obtenida de The World’s 50 Best Bars obtenida por la votación secreta de 150 profesionales de todo el mundo. Entre los 25 primeros tenemos dos clasificados, ambos en Barcelona.
Head bartender Alex Kratena is one of the nicest men in the industry and the great drinks, made by his great team reflect this. 2012 has been a fabulous year for the bar.London
World’s Best Bar and Best Bar in the UK

Where to start with this bar? The phone booth? The bear’s head? The hotdogs? The drinks – and let’s not forget the fantastic face behind it all, Jim Meehan.
Best Bar in North America
New York

This speakeasy basement bar in East London has made its name for great drinks, great music and great times. Live music goes hand in hand with prohibition era drinks and vintage decor.

This hotel bar is not only beautifully kitted out, it comes with its own martini trolley and super-talented bartenders, lead by industry legend Ago Perrone.

This is one of London’s most famous bars, in one of London’s most famous hotels, and the man behind the stick is Erik Lorincz who holds the coveted title of World Class bartender.

This is a refuge for the discerning drinker and if you can get passed the door man then some serious cocktails await as a reward.
New York

Sydney is fast becoming one of the most exciting drinks cities in the world. Lewis Jaffrey is among the staff here, a man who cut his cocktail teeth at many a haven of high quality drinks.
Best Bar in Asia Pacific and Highest New Entry

Also no stranger to the top ten, this is Conigliaro’s temple of cocktails. It’s a fairly simple, stylish set up where the drinks do the talking.

It’s a great year for this bar and with drinks as inventive as its Jabbarwocky name, we’re not surprised to see it in the top ten.

Bramble sums up Edinburgh’s charm and not only do the drinks exude excellence, the place knows how to party. The venue is also named after Dick Bradsell’s iconic cocktail.

This is a bar for the bartenders. With a mix of historic and contemporary drinks, it’s a lively spot and it’s no stranger to the World’s 50 Best Bars.
New York

It’s great to see a new London venue do so well. This bar was praised for its relaxed atmosphere, unpretentious surroundings and fabulous drinks.

Could there be a better name for a bar? This is Boston’s finest and the brainchild of chef Barbara Lynch. Drink offers serious, quality cocktails with a genuine neighbourhood vibe.

This is a speakeasy-era bar with waist-coated pianists and bartenders who will make you the drink of your dreams.
Los Angeles

Taxidermied cats in dresses are happy bed fellows with great cocktails at this London hangout. Congiliario has not rested on his laurels here; the cocktail invention is jaw dropping.

Mutis is Catalan for be quiet but we can’t help singing from the rooftops about the cocktails at this place. The drinks flirt favourably between classics and modern twists.
Best Bar in Europe and Highest Climber

Cocktail aficionados mix happily with the after work crowd at this easy-going venue. You will always get a warm G’day from bar staff and a bonzer drink to boot.

Clover Club takes the full list of components that makes any bar experience work and puts them all under one roof.
New York

It’s takes one of the greatest bars in the world to make one of the greatest cocktails and if you’ve sipped a Martini at this place, you’ll definitely know what we mean.

Don Javier is a legend in Tequila and a trip to this bar is a pilgrimage for agave lovers and bartenders everywhere.
Best Bar in Latin America & Carribean

With a Sydney speakeasy vibe, we urge you to don your best 1920’s cool and get ready to party like it’s 1929.

This is the temple of Japanese bartending. Set up by the great Uenosan, one of the most influential bartenders in the world, it is the home to those incredible ice diamonds.

Le Lion is owned by top bartender Jorg Meyer and along with his team, are regarded as craftsmen. Praise for their attention to detail and skill level is often heaped upon them.

It’s great to see Smuggler’s Cove back on the list for 2012. It’s a nod to the rise of the tiki bar and the popularity of rum. This bar knows how to party!
San Francisco

Eau de Vie is no stranger to the list and we’re well within speakeasy territory at this Sydney hideout.
Fuente: http://worlds50bestbars.drinksint.com/
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¿ Restaurantes secretos ?

Parece que la última moda es ir a restaurantes ocultos en pisos y tiendas inicialmente no relacionados con la restauración.

Os dejo un enlace del fenomenal blog Gastronomicus donde explica este fenómeno social.

También os dejo el link de la tintorería Dontell ya entendereis el por qué.